Centre for Social Media Marketing and Business Intelligence


  • Choon Ling SIA (Principal Investigator)Department of Information Systems
  • Jianfeng Jeff WANG (Co-Principal Investigator)Department of Marketing
  • Youhua Frank CHEN (Co-Investigator)Department of Management Sciences
  • Hui Fang CHEN (Co-Investigator)Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences
  • Oi Wah Esther CHOW (Co-Investigator)Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences
  • Wenyu DOU (Co-Investigator)Department of Marketing
  • Yulin FANG (Co-Investigator)Department of Information Systems
  • Juan FENG (Co-Investigator)Department of Information Systems
  • Wing Cheong Daniel HO (Co-Investigator)Department of Mathematics
  • Xin LI (Co-Investigator)Department of Information Systems
  • Juan Julie LI (Co-Investigator)Department of Marketing
  • Yiyan Stella LI (Co-Investigator)Department of Marketing
  • Yanzhi David LI (Co-Investigator)Department of Management SciencesDepartment of Marketing
  • Xi LI (Co-Investigator)Department of Marketing
  • Shaoyi Stephen LIAO (Co-Investigator)Department of Information Systems
  • Kai H. LIM (Co-Investigator)Department of Information Systems
  • Kam Moon Lester LIU (Co-Investigator)Department of Mathematics
  • Jian MA (Co-Investigator)Department of Information Systems
  • Chenting SU (Co-Investigator)Department of Marketing
  • Siu Keung TSE (Co-Investigator)Department of Management Sciences
  • Kwok Fai Geoffrey TSO (Co-Investigator)Department of Management Sciences
  • Tze-Kin Alan WAN (Co-Investigator)Department of Management Sciences
  • Weiquan WANG (Co-Investigator)Department of Information Systems
  • Chak Sham Michael WONG (Co-Investigator)Department of Economics and Finance
  • Houmin YAN (Co-Investigator)Department of Management Sciences
  • Haibin YANG (Co-Investigator)Department of ManagementDepartment of Marketing
  • Zhilin YANG (Co-Investigator)Department of Marketing
  • Wei Thoo YUE (Co-Investigator)Department of Information Systems
  • J Leon ZHAO (Co-Investigator)Department of Information Systems
  • Jian Hua Jonathan ZHU (Co-Investigator)Department of Media and Communication


Project number 9360147
Status Active
Effective start/end date 15/06/12 -> …