Research Centre on One-Belt-One-Road


  • Houmin YAN (Principal Investigator)Department of Management Sciences
  • Haibin YANG (Co-Principal Investigator)Department of ManagementDepartment of Marketing
  • Wayne W. YU (Co-Principal Investigator)Department of Economics and Finance
  • Ziguang CHEN (Co-Investigator)Department of Management
  • Wenyu DOU (Co-Investigator)Department of Marketing
  • Yanzhi David LI (Co-Investigator)Department of Management SciencesDepartment of Marketing
  • Xufei MA (Co-Investigator)Department of Management
  • Muammer OZER (Co-Investigator)Department of Management
  • James Jixian WANG (Co-Investigator)Department of Management Sciences


Project number 9360159
Status Active
Effective start/end date 25/01/16 -> …