Robust Planning of Guaranteed Targeted Display Advertising


  • Yanzhi David LI (Principal Investigator)Department of Management Sciences


Targeted ads, which allow advertisers to show ads solely to their desired customer segments, are becoming prevalent on internet. The current way of allocating advertising resources, however, suffers a few efficiencies due to the uncertainties involved in the process. First, the amount of resources is uncertain since (l) the number of users of the website is uncertain; (2) their timing is uncertain; and (3) the pages they visit are uncertain. Second, whether a user will click a displayed ad is uncertain. The typical way of allocating ad resources is “greedy” and uses simple rules. More sophisticated methods also don’t consider uncertainties to the necessary extent. As a result, there’s a significant loss not only to the publisher’s revenue but also in terms of the opportunity of effective advertising to the advertisers. In this project, we will explicitly capture the uncertainties above mentioned and develop a robust solution to the ads allocation problem.


Project number 7004150
Status Finished
Effective start/end date 1/10/13 -> 22/10/15